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This is important

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This is important Empty This is important

Post by davidxd33 on Sat Sep 08, 2012 4:21 pm

You must reply with this format in order to be considered.

Email Address:

1. In game name:

2. How long have you been on this server?:

3. Donator status? (If any):

4. As a mod what would you build for the server first?:

5. For what reasons would you kick, ban or jail someone?:

6. Why do you think that you should be a mod?:

7. What do you think makes a trusted staff member?:

8. Would you give out items? Is so, for what reasons?:

9. What would you do to help New Users without giving out items?:

10. Why do you think you are trustworthy?:

11. Would you abuse your powers? Is so, why?:

12. Name 5 players that have been on this server?:

13. Would you listen the to the admins and the owner? Name all the current mods, admins and the owner:

14. Current Age: (your answers are for evaluation only and are not stored by staff)


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