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1.4 is supported.

If you updated already, read these instructions!!!!!

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If you updated already, read these instructions!!!!! Empty If you updated already, read these instructions!!!!!

Post by strikerpro on Fri Oct 26, 2012 5:57 pm

Please read these instructions on how to downgrade to 1.3.2. And also read fresh's post on why we cannot update- [Only admins are allowed to see this link] Good luck!

Here are the instructions:

Instructions for Windows

Step 1: Download the 1.3 jar from here, this jar is 100% vanilla meaning that you will need to reinstall any mods you were using again.

Step 2: Open up the %APPDATA% folder. You can do this by hitting Windows Key + R to bring up the Run box. Then simply type in %APPDATA% and click the Open button to get to the folder.

Step 3: In AppData you should see a folder at the top called .minecraft, double click it to open it. As a quick bit of info, this is where MC stores all your singleplayer saves etc. if you ever need access to them

Step 4: You should see a folder called bin, double click it to go into it (this is where the minecraft jars are stored).

Step 5: You should see a file in here called minecraft.jar (if you updated, this is the Minecraft 1.3 jar) rename it to something like minecraft 1.3 (alternatively you could just delete it, but renaming allows you to switch back at will)

Step 6: Copy the 1.3 jar you downloaded in step 1 into the bin folder.

Step 7: You should now be able to restart minecraft (Be sure to click Not Now if asked to update) and be able to connect to the server as normal.

To switch back to 1.4 just go to the folder and rename minecraft.jar to minecraft 1.3 and then rename minecraft 1.4 back to just minecraft, then restart MC.

Instructions for Macs

1.Download a copy of minecraft.jar here
2. Move that file to your desktop
3. Follow this path to get to your Minecraft files: Finder>(Your Username)>Library>Application Support>minecraft>bin NOTICE: If you have Mac OS X Lion, your library might be hidden.
4. Rename your current minecraft.jar to minecraft1-4.jar
5. Drag the new downloaded minecraft.jar into your bin folder.
6. Exit out of Finder, open your Minecraft, and it should work. To switch back, just name your minecraft.jar to minecraft1-3.jar and your minecraft1-4.jar to minecraft.jar, then run minecraft again. While you're doing all this, be sure to EXIT OUT of Minecraft.

Thanks for the awesome effort, we really appreciate it!
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